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For the most complete, up-to-date list (including all preprints), please refer to my Google Scholar Page.

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# Sparse sensing and control for biological and engineered systems
# Data-driven models of dynamical systems
# Neural decoding and brain-computer interfaces
# Quantifying natural behaviors
# Other cool stuff


Sparse sensing and control in biological and engineered systems

selected publications:

Weber, A. I., Daniel, T. L. & Brunton, B. W.

Wing structure and neural encoding jointly determine sensing strategies in insect flight.
PLoS Computational Biology (2021) [link] [pdf]


Aiello, B. R.†, Stanchak, K. E.†, Weber, A. I.†, Deora, T., Sponberg, S. & Brunton, B. W.

Spatial distribution of campaniform sensilla mechanosensors on wings: Form, function, and phylogeny.

Current Opinion in Insect Science (2021) [link] [pdf]


Mohren, T. L., Daniel, T. L., Brunton, S. L., Brunton, B. W.

Neural-inspired sensors enable sparse, efficient classification of spatiotemporal data.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U.S.A (2018) [link] [pdf]


Brunton, B. W., Brunton, S. L., Proctor, J. L. & Kutz, J. N.

Sparse sensor placement optimization for classification.

SIAM J on Applied Mathematics (2016) [link] [pdf]

sparse sensors and contrl
Data-driven models of
dynamical systems

selected publications:

Hirsh, S.M., Ichinaga, S.M., Brunton, S.L., Kutz, J. N., & Brunton, B. W.

Structured time-delay models for dynamical systems with connections to Frenet-Serret frame.

Proceedings of the Royal Society A (2021) [link] [pdf]

van Breugel, F., Kutz, J. N., & Brunton, B. W.

Numerical differentiation of noisy data: A unifying multi-objective optimization framework.

IEEE Access (2020) [link] [pdf] [code]

Hirsh, S. M., Harris, K. D., Kutz, J. N. & Brunton, B. W. 

Centering data improves the Dynamic Mode Decomposition.

SIAM J on Dynamical Systems (2020) [link] [pdf]

Brunton, B. W., Johnson, L. A., Ojemann, J. G. & Kutz, J. N.

Extracting spatial-temporal coherent patterns in large-scale neural recordings using dynamic mode de- composition.
J Neuroscience Methods (2016) [link] [pdf]

Kutz, J. N, Brunton, S. L., Brunton, B. W., & Proctor, J. L.

Dynamic Mode Decomposition: Data-Driven Modeling of Complex Systems.

SIAM (2016) [website]

data-driven moel
Glass Buildings
Neural decoding and
brain-computer interfaces

selected publications:

Peterson, S. M., Rao, R. P. N. & Brunton, B. W.

Learning neural decoders without labels using multiple data streams.

Journal of Neural Engineering (2022) [link] [pdf]

Peterson, S. M., Steine-Hanson, Z., Davis, N., Rao, R. P. N. & Brunton, B. W.

Generalized neural decoders for transfer learning across participants and recording modalities.

Journal of Neural Engineering (2021) [link] [pdf]

Wang, N. X. R., Farhadi, A., Rao, R. P. N. & Brunton, B.W.

AJILE movement prediction: Multimodal deep learning for natural human neural recordings and video.

Proceedings of AAAI Conference (2018) [link] [pdf]

Wang, N. X. R., Olson, J. D., Ojemann, J. G., Rao, R. P. N. & Brunton, B. W.

Unsupervised decoding of long-term, naturalistic human neural recordings with automated video and audio annotations.
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience (2016) [link]

Yoga at Home
Illustrated White Cats
Quantifying natural behaviors

selected publications:

Karashchuk, P., Rupp, K. L., Dickinson, E. S., Sanders, E., Azim, E., Brunton, B. W.‡ & Tuthill, J. C.‡

Anipose: a toolkit for robust markerless 3D pose estimation.
Cell Reports (2021) [link] [pdf] []


Peterson, S. M.†, Singh, S. H.†, Wang, N. X. R., Rao, R. P. N. & Brunton, B. W.

Behavioral and neural variability of naturalistic arm movements.
eNeuro (2021) [link] [pdf]

Deora, T., Ahmed, M. A., Daniel, T. L., & Brunton, B. W.

Tactile active sensing in insect-plant pollination.
Journal of Experimental Biology (2021) [link] [pdf]


natural behaviors
Other cool stuff

selected publications:

Singh, S.H., van Breugel, F., Rao, R.P.N. & Brunton, B.W. 

Emergent behavior and neural dynamics in artificial agents tracking turbulent plumes.

Nature Machine Intelligence [link] [pdf] [tweet]

Linden, N. J., Tabuena, D. R., Steinmetz, N. A., Moody, W. J., Brunton, S. L. & Brunton, B. W.

Go with the FLOW: Visualizing spatiotemporal dynamics in optical widefield calcium imaging.

J Royal Society Interface (2021) [link] [pdf] [tweet]

Dallmann, C. J.†, Karashchuk, P.,† Brunton, B. W.‡ & Tuthill, J. C.‡

A leg to stand on: computational models of proprioception.
Current Opinion in Physiology (2021) [link] [pdf]

Stanchak, K.E., French, C., Perkel D.J.‡, & Brunton, B.W.‡

The balance hypothesis for the avian lumbosacral organ and an exploration of its morphological variation.
Integrative Organismal Biology (2020) [link] [tweet]


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